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Comfort shoes. Why use leather for them?

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Did you realised that comfort shoes are often made of leather?

Have you ever wondered why leather has never gone out of fashion?

Comfort is the answer. Furthermore, comfort shoes are usually made of leather. Unlike synthetic shoes, leather shoes can accommodate the shape of your feet and make way for extra support. Moreover, they won’t feel hard against your feet and are completely breathable as well.

Leather shoes have continued to be a perfect foot companion for years and alternatives like faux leather, rubber, and synthetics. The others have a long way to go before they can catch up with the popularity that leather shoes have.

The very first leather shoemakers from ancient must be proud to see their product continuing to flourish. So what are the magical qualities??

You don’t have to think so hard. All you have to do is continue reading.

Advantages of Leather Shoes

Leather Shoes Last Longer

The oldest leather comfort shoes that has ever been found dates back to around 3500 BC. The surprising part is that the shoe though shows signs of heavy usage, it is still not worn out and could have continued to be useful if the poor guy wearing it hadn’t died.

While it would be a miracle for faux leather to last any more than a few months, good quality leather shoes can last for years. With the right care, you can even use them for your lifetime.

Leather shoes can withstand tens of thousands of flexes. They are strong in terms of flexibility as well. They can easily adjust to the shape of your feet and offer comfort like no other footwear.

Leather Shoes Are Economical

You know that saying about how rich people are smart about the stuff they buy to continue to be rich. It’s true.  Quality over quantity always is a good buy. Buying cheap shoes three times a year is going to make a deeper pit in your wallet compared to one expensive leather comfort shoes purchase that will last for years to come.

With premium price comes premium quality. Leather is durable and makes the cost to wear ratio very small.

Leather Shoes Are Naturally Breathable

If you are someone with unusually sweaty feet, you definitely need breathable shoes to help your feet feel airy, cool, and dry. While other materials try so hard to emulate this natural quality of leather shoes, why not just stick with leather that offers natural breathability?

Leather can let the air pass through the material and allow the sweat to dry easily. This quality is simply stronger than any substitute material.

Leather comfort shoes will make sure your feet won’t smell nasty. Both your feet and the noses of people around will forever be thankful for choosing leather shoes over cheaper imitations.

Leather Shoes Are Easy To Clean

Leather shoes need maintenance. Additionally, Maintenance is usually a quick little rub and wash with simple materials like mild detergent soap and a clean damp cloth. You can even use some specific leather cleaning material but ultimately the effort it takes to clean your shoes is just as same as it would take for you to brush your teeth. And guess what, you can just clean your shoes once per month with moderate usage. That’s nowhere near to the multiple store visits you may have to take to replace your worn out cheaper shoes in a year.

 Leather Shoes Are Eco Friendly

While a lot of keyboard warriors and activists may try to convince you that leather is harmful to the environment, real research can easily shut those arguments away. Most faux leathers are made of synthetic materials like PVC or polyurethane coating and some type of polymer. It takes longer for these materials to breakdown and degrades and these can be more harmful to the environment compared to pure leather which is a natural product.

The leather industry is also helpful in utilizing the hide wasted from the meat industry, meaning it helps in the disposal of the byproduct (hide) into a useful commodity. With proper measures taken into the leather tanning process, the level of resulting pollution can also be considerably decreased.

Leather Never Goes Out Of Style

 Leather shoes are simply timeless. There is a reason that so many leather wannabes and cheaper imitations pop up in the fashion industry.

No one can deny the fact that leather looks stylish. No faux materials can come close to the authentic sleek and shiny look of leather.

 The value of leather shoes in terms of fashion sense remains to be unaltered at any point in time. Leather shoes can go with any dressing style or occasion. You can keep using them for years and people will still find you trendy.

Leather Shoes Are Waterproof

One more reason to stock up on leather shoes is that you can wear them for any season. If it’s hot weather, it helps your feet keep dry and not stinky. And for a rainy day, no other shoe serves better than a good pair of leather footwear.

Leather, when treated or waxed, can be waterproof and offer protection from water or any other liquids.

You don’t have to worry about any accidental spills on your expensive leather shoes as you can simply wipe them off.

There are many more advantages of waterproof leather shoes. You can use them while working in the kitchen, in a construction area, or in any work environment that requires some extra protection to your toes from accidental spills.

Lambskin Leather Shoes Are Comfortable

As mentioned earlier, leather is truly flexible. It can easily mold to the shape of your feet and give you a perfect fit. And it can continue to fit well even when your feet kind of changes a little bit. Synthetic footwear, on the other hand, might feel hard on your feet and make you feel uncomfortable as they lack the adaptability of a leather shoe.

Lambskin leather especially is known for its softness and warmth. It is lighter and thinner than cowhide. This makes it more adaptable to the wearer’s foot shape allowing for maximum comfort.

Lambskin leather shoes provide the perfect support for your heel and can help prevent back injury that arises due to poor choice of footwear.

If you are still confused between lambskin leather shoes and calfskin shoes, here are a few pointers which indicate why lambskin is the perfect leather for your shoes:

  • Lambskin is buttery and soft, in contrast to calfskin which is rough. As a result, lambskin shoes look beautiful and are comfortable.
  • Lambskin leather is suppler when compared to calfskin. Also, lambskin leather weighs lesser than cow leather. This makes your shoes light.

Do you agree? Well, then, go ahead, and explore our exclusive collection of leather comfort shoes Singapore now!

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