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Why Are Comfort Shoes Important?

Feet Pain!!! This is why wearing comfort shoes are so important!!

“O my goodness, it hurt my feet so badly!”
“I need more plasters!! those blisters hurt!!!”
“I cant even walk home in these shoes!”
“Why can’t i have a pair of shoes that is comfortable and pretty at the same time!”

I am sure a lot of you guys hear this sentences or even said them out to your friends or families! All along, comfortable shoes are not pretty and pretty shoes are never pretty! However, at Lucca Vudor, we strive to create shoes that are pretty and comfortable at the similar time.

Shoes are a very important aspect of our lives. We spend about 1/3 of our time at least wearing a pair of shoes to go for our work. So shoes become an essential part of our lives. Yes, there are many different kind of shoes ranging from affordable to luxurious, pretty to not so pretty and uncomfortable to comfortable. 

At Lucca Vudor, we promote highly that everyone should wear a pair of pretty and comfort shoes.We will definitely like you to get them from us. However, let us explain why wearing a pair of comfort shoes is important.


1) Prevent the formation of SORE blister.


Lucca Vudor comfort shoes


Aren’t this image very familiar with each of you guys???

Blister formation is almost a process that everyone go through. Everyone tries to avoid this! What is blisters?? We shall not go in depth on the medical terms! But if you are interested, you may read it here.

Out in the market, there are many ways to reduce blisters from the traditional way of waxing our shoes to using various products. But at Lucca Vudor, we believe wearing the correct comfort shoes is one major way to prevent all these issues.

By wearing a shoe suit to the natural shape of your feet,it will greatly reduce the chance of forming sore blister. At Lucca Vudor, we use soft leather material that quickly form to the shape of your feet thus saving you from this terrible unwanted process. Secondly we added additional cushion at the back heel portion. This is to prevent cuts from daily walking. Lastly, we decided to use lambskin lining which is soft and easy on your feet. At Lucca Vudor, we take care of your feet just like ours!


2) Prevention of Morton’s Neuroma

There is no image we wish to show you guys to illustrate this. It is too gruesome!

What is Morton’s Neuroma? This is actually a result of thickening of tissue surrounding the foot. This is cause by the tightness at the front of the shoes. As all of us know that our feet is not pointed at the front. Some the pointed shoe will cause tightness by squeezing our feet from the sides to fit our feet into them.Some shoes are too pointy.Moreover a lot of shoes use hard material to make. Thus due to this 2 major reason, it will result in Morton’s Neuroma.


So in this aspect, Lucca Vudor work very hard to create more rooms at the front by keep reviewing our shoe mould. By using the right mould, we will be able to create shoes that are even though pointy, it will be still be roomy. We create enough spaces and reduce the pressure from the sides. Soft leather material is another key in reducing pain!

3) Prevention of Corns.


Lucca Vudor Comfort shoes


Corns? Similary, we will not go into details! However curious minds,you guys may read about them here

Corns Creations is usually happen at the pressure point of your feet.Corns are painful and take a long time to heal. Therefore at Lucca Vudor, we create special cushion insole that reduce pressure across your whole feet. The special cushion will spread the pressure across the whole feet instead of focusing at certain parts. By doing so, we greatly reduce the chances of getting corns.


As in our lives, there are already a lot of pains. If we can reduce just 1 pain,it is truly a huge gain for us. That is why at Lucca Vudor, we promise to create comfort shoes not to hurt our feets. To us, your feets are like our feets. We will try our best to prevent all pains. At the end, we cannot solve all the feet problems but we will strive to do as many as possible!



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