Instructional Guide


Customise Your Cutting

Simply pick the toe-box shape that will leave just the right amount of wriggle-room for your feet. They come in a variety of shapes, so choose the fit you desire and we’ll shave it into the shape you like.


Pick Your Insole

From metatarsal pads to full insoles, our shoe insoles come in a variety of sizes to fit your foot and shoe style perfectly. Made out of plump lambskin for sturdy arch support and cushiony comfort.


Colour Me

Take your pick from an inexhaustible list of colours - from soft pastels to earth tones, neutral shades to bold hues. You can even deviate from the minimalist fashion trend by adding in patterns.


Fit to Size

Get a pair of shoes that will fit your two different sized feet, even if the size difference is infinitesimal. Just indicate the length and width of your foot where it is longest or widest respectively.


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