Marketing Collaborations

We are a relatively young brand and would be delighted to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses in the following ways: 
Website Collaboration, Content Collaborations, Giveaways, Cross-Marketing Collaborations, Placement Collaborations

Email us directly at [email protected]


If you are a blogger, instagrammer or writer who is keen to review our products, do contact us.
We will assess the synergies of our brands and get back to you in a few days.

media companies

If you are a media company on the lookout for Fashion or Footwear stories, news or other info, we’ll be happy to contribute. Hit us up!

other brands & businesses

We love wacky and new ideas. Therefore, we’re open to all sorts of collaborations with brands and businesses from similar or different industries. Surprise us and we’ll be sure to consider any proposal seriously.


Email us directly at [email protected] or contact us here.