The most comfortable shoe you will ever need!



Even a similar pair of Lucca Vudor shoes has slight colour variations! This is due to each pair being individually hand dyed by our craftsmen. They have turned shoe making into an art. Every piece of Lucca Vudor has its own characteristic, similar to each of us. A uniquely perfect fit for each of us.

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  • Specially engineered cushion for your daily walking
  • Both upper and lining are made of the softest leather available
  • Roomy toe box to prevent tightness of the feet
  • Well balanced shoe form

All these to ensure your comfort in daily endeavors.



Yes, comfort is the most important aspect of Lucca Vudor but we will never ignore the aesthetic value. At Lucca Vudor, our designs are timeless, they never go out of date. They are designed for women in any journey in their life.



“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.”

— Bette Midler


Lucca Vudor Reviews By Our Customers

“Amazed by their excellent service. Many thanks to Seow Hong and the lady at SV! I owned several pairs of Lucca Vudor. Comfortable shoes especially the lambskin series 💕💕”

“Fantastic service and very good quality.”

“Got 5 pairs of heels and flats from Lucca Vudor. Not a heels person so trust me when I say I walked in them for more than 8 hours and didn’t leave me any blisters/pain at all. Super worth the price for the high quality comfort shoes!!! “

“wonderful service by Lucca Vudor.
Love their shoes so comfy!!”

“Comfortable shoes and nice design. Quality is good. Highly recommended!”

“This is definitely a brand I will recommend to all my friends, colleagues and relatives! The heels are so comfortable that one can easily wear the whole day without pain and ache. And the heels quality is good. I had a pair of black classic heels which I wear every other day and it lasted over 2 years! “

“Definitely the best shoes in Singapore!! One of the best walking shoes!

-Lee May

“One of the most comfort shoes in Malaysia. It is made of soft lamskin. It is really soft! great service!!!”

Mel K

“Very comfy and elegant! Simply adore them whether they are flats or heels �. These shoes remind me of the story of “ The Shoemaker and the elves”!”

“Bought for my wife to try out and she absolutely loved it. Will be buying more in the future.”

“Best best best comfort shoes in singapore! everyone should try them!!”

-Tammy Liu

“World most comfortable shoes. Definitely Lucca Vudor can claim to be one of them! This is the best shoes!”

Mel K

“I fall in love with this brand …. is so comfortable and classy at the same time.”

“Comfort, style and price. And I wish they take made-to-measure orders. Would have ordered loads.”

“Lucca Vudor is one of the best shoes in singapore. I feel comfortable even walking in it the whole day! Definitely one of the most comfortable brands in Singapore”

Jane Lee

“Lucca Vudor is my best buy!! It is one of the best comfort shoes in singapore. No issues in walking in them the whole days! every should try it”

Belinda Tay

“I came across the brand by chance. Bought my 1st pair of flats and love it so much that I become a collector, owning 5 more in just few months!
Response to online enquiries was prompt and appreciate the after sales service. These days, service counts! 加油 Lucca Vudor”

“Great comfortable shoes!”

“Everyone should get a pair of singapore best comfort shoes. They are so comfortable to walk in!”

-Alice Chew

“This is the best comfort shoes! very interesting colours! i will recommend to everyone”

Marilyn Luo

“Lucca Vudor, bought the first pair at atria, after that i have been keep buying.Definitely the best shoes i ever bought in malaysia!”


“It is really comfortable, it is not squeezy at the front! Best comfort shoes i ever wear”

Mel K

“Lucca vudor is both pretty and comfortable. This is really best comfort shoes i ever bought. I recommend that everyone in malaysia should get it!”


“Not sure if there is another shoe as comfortable as Lucca Vudor. This is definitely best comfort shoes in Singapore.By Singaporean for singapore “

-Chloe Xi

“It was recommended by my bestie! She claim this is the best comfort shoes she ever wear. She dragged me along to try!Indeed it is the best comfort shoes ever!”

-Jenny Ren

“This is best comfort shoes i invested! This pretty shoes is really the best in Malaysia! “

Darcy Yee

“Best comfort shoes in walking! Most comfortable office shoe!”

-Xin Ling 

“Great service by the crew.Indeed can term as singapore best comfort office shoes! recommend to all office ladies”

Yu Ying

“Lucca Vudor, this is where you get your best comfort shoes! the cushion insoles are really very soft!”


“Best comfort shoes in singapore! I love them so much! i will definitely recommend to everyone to try the best comfort shoes! “

Reginna Yap

“Try once at Sogo Mid Valley,after that i keep going back to get more!it is really very comfortable!”


“Rarely i see shoes that are made of full leather including the lining! This really make the shoes very soft and comfortable! Best shoes from singapore “

-Mabel Loo