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Something about Comfort shoes

As title say, this whole blog will be all about comfort shoes!

What make us to do so much in a pair of shoes?

At Lucca Vudor, we put in a lot of effort in every single pair of shoes. In life,there is a lot of pains already.Therefore we hope that by putting in more effort in a pair of shoe, It will create more comfort. One less pain is equal to one more gain!

Understand Us more @ about us

This is a blog done by Lucca Vudor. At this blog Lucca Vudor will write some knowledge about leather comfort shoes. So you will gain some knowledge about shoes.

Also at this blog, you will be able to have a better insight of why lucca vudor spend so much effort on building one pair of shoes.

Moreover, the reason why we wear shoes that are good for our feet!

The reason why leather this material is made.

How does the shoe form affect the balance of a pair of shoes.

The different processes of dye.

Some knowledge about the process of shoe crafts.

At here, you will learn about the history of Lucca Vudor. So from this history, you will understand why the passion about building a pair of comfort shoes.

Building a good pair of shoes is something that everyone in Lucca Vudor enjoy. Do bear with us to go through all these in a slow and tasteful way!

Sit Back and enjoy the read!

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Comfort shoes. Why use leather for them?

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