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is a different kind of Comfort Shoe Company.

Our Story

Founded by three brothers, they answered a question women have been asking for centuries: How do I find the perfect pair? The answer is Cureate, a unique approach to shoemaking that invites women to collaborate on aspects of the design process to achieve the right balance of comfort and style. Taking the guesswork out of finding the right pair, ending with that go-to, just-right, gotta-have-it comfort shoe. And our feet live happily ever after.

“Highest level of comfort shoes, using traditional shoe crafts.”

~ Lucca Vudor

We promise.

To never wear shoes that hurt our feet.

To always pursue perfection in fit and detailing.

To only say yes to pairs we’re wild about.

The fact is, we know what we want. That’s what the brothers knew when they started a different kind of shoe company, one that would work with modern women everywhere to create a comfort shoe that ts and looks like a dream.


~Lucca Vudor 

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If you have the same passion as us, you want to bring Lucca Vudor to your part of the world. Feel free to know more at here!!! We are looking for anyone that has the same belief as us. Bring comfort to everyone’s feet!

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