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7 Things To Consider While Buying Sandals Online.

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7 Things To Consider While Buying Sandals Online

Do you have an odd foot size? Do you have trouble while buying sandals online? Isn’t it always heartbreaking when the pair of sandals finally arrives and it doesn’t fit well? 

But are you only focusing on size while buying your sandals online? Besides size, other things need your attention too. Considering all these factors will help you in buying a perfect pair of sandals online. 

Sandals are one special reason why we all look forward to summers. Don’t we? Finally, it is the time when we can put away shoes and choose to wear sandals without guilt. Also, it isn’t like every next day when you come across a nice pair of sandals online. So, when you do, you don’t want to give up on them.

Here is an ultimate guide on choosing the right pair of sandals online.

Choose a good online store

When it comes to buying sandals online, the first thing is to search for a good online store. No matter the country you reside in, there is no dearth of eCommerce stores of footwear. 

With so many online stores, it’s difficult to know the best. However, try buying from the reputed ones which solely deal with footwear.

Decide the purpose

Start narrowing down your choices by deciding the purpose of buying the sandal. Do you need it for a family gathering? Do you want to wear it to your office, or maybe for some casual outings? What kind of dress will you be pairing it with? 

Each of these purposes will require a different style of sandals depending on the suitability of the attire. You can choose to wear open-toed heels on a breezy dress, flats on casual wear, block heels for family gatherings. It all depends on your likings and the outfit you will be wearing.

Comfort is important

This factor is closely related to the above. Depending on the purpose of your visit, know the duration for which you will be wearing the sandals. If it is just for quick appearance, for traveling, or will you be sitting or standing for most of the time? 

Accordingly, choose a style on the online store. If you are going to wear it for long, choose a style with arch support, comfortable straps that will keep your feet firm and secure. 

Always look for the width of the sandal while buying online. An ill-fitted sandal is of no use. If it is too broad for your feet width or vice versa, move on to your next option. 

Don’t settle for less

At times when we are in dire need of a good pair of sandals, we end up buying a pair that doesn’t provide a satisfying feeling on wearing. With so many options in hand, buying a pair of sandals can sometimes be a tiring job, but take your time in finding the best one. Look for chic pair of sandals according to the trend which has fun details, straps to swoon over, and anything that will accentuate your attire when paired. 

Go for sorbet tones heels, strappy gladiators, tie up wedges, or embellished pumps and the list goes endless.

Open or closed toes

Again, depending on the purpose of your purchase, choose close-toed sandals for throwing off a formal look and open-toed sandals for casual purposes.

Ballerinas are best for attending office meetings. However, the best-closed toe options are pumps as they can go nearly with everything. Pair them with a pencil skirt and blazer or with jeans without worries. They are perfect for parties as well and can effortlessly pull off the formal look too. Other closed-toe options include mules, slingback heels, and even tie-up style heels. 

You can find similar options with open-toed sandals too. If you want to provide air to your feet, open-back sandals are the best option. 

Exchange and return

This is an important factor to consider while buying sandals online. The chances of getting a perfect fit on the first try while purchasing online are rather slim. In such situations, it is important to first check the exchange and return policy of the online store before making your purchase. Few things that you must look for in the policy include:

  • The period for which the exchange and return facility is available after making the purchase.
  • Is doorstep pickup service available as some stores require you to send them back via post?
  • The number of days in which the refund will be initiated after returning the product.

Once you are satisfied with the return and exchange policy of the chosen e-commerce store, you can proceed with your purchase. Also, don’t forget to pray that your size isn’t out of stock while exchanging it. 

Size matters

Let’s not forget to address the elephant in the room. The size of your foot.

Also, it is important to know your shoe size according to US and UK size system. Every brand has its own method of measuring sizes which can make your plans go haywire. For this, know your foot size well in centimeters and inches. Follow the instructions in the size chart for measuring your foot size. If you can’t find the exact match, always choose the next size.

So, these were a few pointers that you must keep in mind before ordering your favorite pair of sandals online. What are your views on this? What all things do you keep in mind while buying footwear online? Write to us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out our exclusive collection of sandals on our store!

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    What is a Verified Buyer
    A Verified Buyer is a user who has purchased the reviewed product through our store.
    - June 4, 2020

    Are the prices in USD or SD or RM?

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      What is a Verified Buyer
      A Verified Buyer is a user who has purchased the reviewed product through our store.
      - June 4, 2020

      It is in SGD:)

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    What is a Verified Buyer
    A Verified Buyer is a user who has purchased the reviewed product through our store.
    - June 24, 2020

    Several Questions: 1) do you have a physical store where i can try the shoes?
    2) is it soft or hard leather?
    3) Not sure if the size fit because it depends on the cutting and design. What should I do? I typically fit between a 5 -6 size.
    Thank you.

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      What is a Verified Buyer
      A Verified Buyer is a user who has purchased the reviewed product through our store.
      - June 24, 2020

      2) it is soft leather
      3) you may contact our helpline to assist you

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